Monday, 11 March 2019


In a post apocalyptic world three men leave their community in search of a new world to survive in.  A Screecher is a huge beast that has adapted to survive in the world.  Amongst them are Apoc-Wolves and giant Crab like Scorpions all fighting for survival.  The story moves between the Screechers battle with the Wolves and Crabs, and the battle the men have between themselves and the creatures.  

This is a quick read, and quite easy to get into and to enjoy the fast pace of the story.  The description of the characters is very good.  I am not usually one to read sci-fi and I was a little hesitant at first, however, it was a really good read and I am glad that I read it.  

I rate it 📘📘📘📘/5

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My thanks to the author for a copy on this book in return for a review. 



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