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Maton Lee cannot leave his apartment after he was involved in a shooting he has severe anxiety if he steps a foot out the door.  Enter Kendall,  a trainee psychologist who Maton's mother has offered to pay Kendall's whole semester's tution if she can treat Maton in his home and help him get better.  Maton is attractive but rude and obnoxious to Kendall at their first meeting.  Kendall is just another psychologist that his mother has paid for.  She leaves, never wanting to return.  Trouble is she has accepted his mother's money and something about him lures her back to try again.  They have an attraction to each other and if the psychology department were to find out she was sleeping with a client she would be kicked out of her course.  The man that shot Maton then prays upon Kendall, can he protect the woman that he loves, or will he lose her?

I really enjoyed this story.  It was interesting from the beginning and only took me a few nights to read.  I was always wanting to read 'just one more chapter' to see how the story would unfold.  The characters are likeable and are build upon well.  The chemistry between the main characters is enjoyable. The story when it starts, with Maton in his apartment unable to leave and his arrogance that he shows Kendall, reminded me of the movie 'Me before you.' As that too started off with a young girl being employed to help a man that couldn't help himself and he too was arrogant and conceded at the beginning.  Maton has gone through many therapists and his mother is at her wits end trying to find someone that he will respond too.  Maton is a very rich man due to his IT buisness, but he is very vulnerable and he shows a different side to the one he portrays once his lets his guard down, I liked how the story flowed and the attraction that built between the two main characters.  There is some mystery behind the who the shooter is, that will leave you guessing for sometime before it is revealed.  I highly recommend reading this book.

My Rating: 📘📘📘📘
254 Pages
Ebook editon: 9781386112181
Published: 22/06/20018

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Maggie wakes from a coma and is told that there was a terrible accident and the car that she had been driving rolled into a lake and her daughter Elspeth had drowned.  Maggie remembers nothing.  Her husband has disappeared, and she is all alone.  She desperately wants to remember the day of the accident and to find out what really happened to her daughter and where her husband is.  

This is a very good fast paced book.  Certainly plenty to keep you on the edge and wanting to read.  If you are a fan of psychological thrillers and mysteries you should enjoy reading this one.  

Rating: 📘📘📘📘

ISBN 9780241977347

400 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books UK
Expected published date:21/02/2019


The Palo Alto Diaries is a story about Irene a young high school girls love life and based on true events. Irene falls in love with a successful lawyer and suddenly finds herself in an extravagant lifestyle.  When things end, she catapults herself into another relationship.  There are many highs and lows and she lives a big life in such a short time span.  

I was a bit mind-blown by how many times Irene was engaged and what a whirlwind of romances she had had.  Some of it seemed a bit far fetched even though it is based on true events.  The story itself was readable and I did find myself wanting to continue reading to find out what had happened.  Worth a read.

My Rating: 📘📘📘

Available in soft cover (ISBN: 978-1-7324078-1-7).

Ebook: 9781732407800

Release Date: 09/10/2018

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I am really excited to announce Brooke's new book THE VAULT.  It is out today 17/08/18, so it will be a late couple of nights for me while I read it.  If it is anything like Brooke's other books, I am sure I won't be able to put it down and will have it read within a couple of nights.  Stay tuned for my review.  Brooke's fans and I are so excited that JT is back.  Let's face it, you just can't EVER get enough of JT.   Okay, lets get this show on the road.

The Vault - Trailer


It was a game for him, always had been, and it was the perfect distraction for his mind. When he was hacking, he didn’t have time to think about his anxiety or his derailed personality. It was an escape—Samuel operated on the extreme. He was inside the CIA’s database when he was caught the first time. He’d realized the mistake he’d made instantly. Instead of prosecuting him, though, they offered him a job—at seventeen years old. He worked for them for ten years before taking an early on-his-terms retirement. 
He’d run—scared—because he’d found something he should’ve never seen. This time, though, he knew they wouldn’t give him a promotion; they’d kill him. Despite his severe agoraphobia, he’d had no choice but to run into the open world. His only hope at that time had been to find Liam Smith: the man he knew would protect him. A man with morals. The only true friend Samuel had ever had.


James pulled down the arms of his sweater, protecting himself against the frigid breeze. He felt eyes on him, watching him, but he did not feel fear. Deacon and Jarrod were behind him, keeping a close watch. With them at his back, he could do what he needed to do—secure his future and that of his future wife. 
Deacon’s resistance to the meeting had subsided—marginally—as he heard James’s plan. Granted, the plan had a few weak spots, but plans always did. In their line of work, nothing was guaranteed. 
James kept his pace steady, calm. He wasn’t rushing, but he wasn’t plodding along, either. James walked like a man without a worry in the world, because he wasn’t foolish enough to believe there weren’t more eyes on him. The CIA knew Liam Smith well, and Tennyson would have his own backups. 
James neared the Bow Bridge, spotting Tennyson standing in the middle. James slowed his pace, ensuring Tennyson saw him. But instead of walking onto the bridge, James continued. He counted his steps until his phone rang.
“Where are you going?” Tennyson asked.
“I’m hungry,” James said. “I thought we’d have dinner. Meet me at The Loeb Boathouse restaurant.”
“Liam,” Tennyson warned, “that was not part of the arrangement.”
“Actually,” James said, “you failed to negotiate the terms of the arrangement. I said I would meet you. I didn’t agree to anything else. If you want to talk, I’ll be at Boathouse. If you don’t want to meet me there, as I said before, you can fuck off.”
The line went silent.
Eventually Tennyson said, “I don’t appreciate your games.” 
James scoffed. “I’ve never appreciated yours.” He ended the call. 


Michael Gunner. His name was always in the back of her mind—it was hard to forget the man who had held a pistol to her temple while she was pregnant with their twins. Cami didn’t want to forget; she wanted revenge.
Cami had trusted Gunner to protect her and the twins he knew she was carrying—their twins. That was the greatest mistake of her life, and he would pay for his betrayal and the heartache it brought her. She would make sure of it. 
The CIA had wanted Cami to lead the Cluster team—the team dedicated to finding the infamous Liam Smith. They’d chosen her because she’d worked with him as an agent. She knew him better than anyone else in the CIA did, but instead of using that against him, it became the sole reason Cami couldn’t lead the team. She didn’t want to. She’d known the man they’d called “The Ghost.” She’d known he was a good person. She’d also known the CIA had tried to eliminate him. She had done many things she wasn’t proud of, things she’d done because she’d been ordered to, but that had been one order she hadn’t been able to obey. 
It hadn’t been right, but that wasn’t the only reason. 
The truth was she feared Liam Smith more than she feared the CIA. She didn’t think she could have won; he would have killed her faster than the CIA would have. 
Or at least that’s what she’d thought. She’d thought she had protection; she had been wrong. 

Before she officially refused to take the case, she told the only man who she thought could protect her. She told him not only of her decision, but that the twins she was carrying were his. She’d thought that would be enough; she’d thought him a decent man. But she’d overestimated him and his ambition. As she’d looked down the barrel of his gun, she’d seen no hesitation. 

Connecting with Brooke

Praise for the James Thomas series:

'The best series you'll read this year!' -
 Amazon review

'I could not put this series down from page one.' - Amazon review

'I actually like this James Thomas character better, or at least as well as, Jack Reacher.' 
- Amazon review

'This series has consumed me for days!' 
- Amazon review

'What a dramatic ending to a phenomenal series.' - Amazon review

'Very intriguing and fast-paced. I couldn't read these books fast enough.' - Amazon review

'A thriller romance that will have you riveted from the very beginning.' - Amazon review

'I am so sorry for these books to come to an end. I feel like the characters are all friends and I will miss them.' - Amazon review

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Genre: Contemporary romance

About the book

Scarlett Prescott wasn’t always confident in her curves. Growing up in a small town where she’d been mocked and taunted for the way she looked left her with plenty of hidden scars. She fled Ponchatoula, Louisiana, within days of graduation and found herself somewhere along the way. Her worth would never be defined by someone else again.

When her sister’s wedding drags Scarlett back to town, her former bully-turned-police officer pulls her over just past the town line. Gorgeous and enigmatic, Ethan Antonelli has definitely grown up in all the right, and unexpected, ways. He might not be the same bully, but Scarlett still takes fierce pleasure in showing him one night worth of everything he missed out on.

What Scarlett doesn’t expect is the slow blossoming feelings as Ethan showers her in that small-town chivalry and romance she’d spent her teen years longing for. His heart belongs to Ponchatoula, and hers isn’t going to make leaving when the wedding is over easy.

About the Author 

Meghyn King was born in a small Australian town where sugar cane burned hot and the working mills smelled sweet. Growing up in Ayr, Queensland, didn't give her many options in friends, but she preferred to create her own anyway. Through the multiple stories she began to write as a child, her characters ranged in age, ethnicity, and gender, with one common attribute with each story: it involved a romance.

She writes with a cat for company and music for inspiration. You'll often find her lost in her imagination, surfacing only for food and a good conversation.


The author is giving away 2 paperbacks & 5 ebooks of Scarred!

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Ponchatoula wasn’t home to her anymore. It hadn’t been for a very long time. The only thing that she considered home was her family. She put her foot down on the accelerator, taking a corner a little too fast. She was over the speed limit, but Scarlett had always had a heavy foot when it came to her Mustangs. As soon as she heard the siren, though, she cursed and glanced in the rearview mirror, and sure enough, there was a cop following her, red and blue lights flashing. She cursed again, calling the cop a few unrepeatable names as she pulled the car over to the side of the road.
She wondered if she could talk herself out of a ticket. She’d never had much luck before, but Louisiana cops were different from those in New York. 
What the hell. I’m going to at least try.
Scarlett tugged at her low-cut top so her breasts popped out of it more visibly and glanced in the mirror again, patting her lipstick to make sure it was still on point.
A knock on her window made her jump in surprise. The cop was quick, she’d give them that.
She tapped on the button that made the window slide down, and dank, humid air filled the car. Ugh, she hated this heat. Lips curling into a smile, she shaded her eyes from the glaring sun with her hand as she blinked up at the tall man standing beside the Mustang—and what she saw made her mouth water. Tall didn’t even begin to describe the cop, who was built like a brickhouse. His arms were thick with muscles, his chest hard as a rock, with the black uniform pulled tightly across his pecs. 
It was only when he leaned over that she got a good look at him, and her breath stuttered in her chest. His familiar face caused memories to crash into the forefront of her mind, tormenting her of a time she thought she’d forgotten. He was older, but there was no mistaking who the strong jawline, soulful brown eyes, and straight nose belonged to.
She knew the moment he recognized her. His stern face softened in surprise, and he stared at her with wide eyes and parted lips.
His voice was deeper than she remembered, and her body reacted to it with a shiver of pleasure that ran along her spine. It was a reaction she didn’t want or expect.
She pushed down the shock and smiled, flipping her wavy hair away from her face. She was fine, she told herself. Sure, this was the guy she used to like in high school, and sure, he was so much more handsome than she could have ever imagined. But she was fine. 
“Ethan Antonelli,” she greeted him, flashing a large, toothy grin. “You’re a policeman, now?”
That was the last job she ever imagined Ethan doing.
Ethan cocked his head, and crouched so he wasn’t leaning over her window anymore. He didn’t say much at first, and she thought she’d truly left him speechless. She had already begun to come up with reasons to leave, including never wanting to see her tormenter again, but then he finally spoke.
“You were doing sixty-five in a fifty zone.” There was an edge to his voice, a warning to listen carefully and that he wasn’t messing around.
“Oh dear. Was I?” She glanced backward, as though she might have accidently missed a speed-limit sign. “I must have completely missed the limit.”
Ethan’s brows rose, and his lips curled in amusement.

My Review 📘📘📘📘📘

What can I say but I freak 'n' LOVED this book.  
She is a gorgeous, curvy and confident, everything I would love to be.He is handsome, muscular and a COP, how can you not want that.

This book had me from the very beginning.  I love how Scarlett comes through the bullying and becomes a courageous, confident sexy woman.  It was a very sexy story and had a great message in it too.  I highly recommend this book to you.  It is a MUST read.

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Book description

Teenage twins Rose and Daniel aren’t allowed phones, computers, even a TV, thanks to their conspiracy-obsessed father. But when the people he always thought were after him actually turn up, the twins realise he wasn’t as paranoid as they’d always thought.

With their dad missing and their house burned to the ground, Rose and Daniel find themselves at the centre of a worldwide conspiracy that stretches back through the ages, involving some of the most powerful and mysterious organisations on the planet.

Why them? Why their dad? The answers to these questions and other, darker mysteries lie beyond the doors of an ancient house called Skerryvore.

These mysteries link the twins to a Dark Age king and queen, to a secret society that stands behind the City of London, and an energy source that links some of the world’s most ancient sites into a network that has the power – literally – to change the world.

Skerryvore is the first book in the Dark Net series.

About the author

I am a journalist and writer living in Dorset, England with my wife and rampaging toddler. I write about technology, innovation, green issues and political commentary for various publications including The Independent, The Guardian, Wired, Private Eye and International Business Times. Skerryvore is my first, and hopefully not last, novel!


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Daniel took a deep breath. It must be right. This must be the last piece in Mr Picketty’s jigsaw that led to the secret of Skerryvore – a sword in a stone. He couldn’t just be imagining this.

He had to have faith.

Daniel closed his eyes and went through the technique Mr Humblestone had taught them for being in the present. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Empty your mind of thoughts. Listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear? He could hear the sound of waves and gunfire echoing around the metallic roof of the chamber. What can you feel? The cold sea air against his face, the hard ground against the soles of his feet, the movement of his ribcage up and down and the beating of his heart inside it. What can you smell? The smell of the sea, the metal and oil of machinery. Now open your eyes. What can you see? He opened his eyes. He could see a sword standing in a stone with no thoughts attached to it, no hopes or fears.

Just a sword in a stone.

He reached out and wrapped his fingers around the cool leather of the hilt. He closed his eyes and pulled.With a scraping of metal on stone the sword came free in his hand, so easily in fact that he stumbled backwards and fell to the floor dropping it with a harsh clattering noise that echoed around the chamber.

Then, slowly, another sound began to rise and overtake the first. It was a sound that came from all around, like some huge and rusty gate that hadn't been oiled in centuries. Looking up, Daniel saw that the roof of the observatory was moving, but not in the usual way. This time it was moving outwards and away from the building, like giant hands were peeling it back. The noise roared to a deafening crescendo and Daniel watched in horror as the two sides of the roof leant outwards, balanced precariously for what felt like an eternity, then toppled and fell to the rocks below like two giant petals dropping from a flower.
He was suddenly alone on a windy platform, above the sea, under the night sky. And behind him something else was moving.


This book makes for interesting reading.  The children's dad is obsessed about conspiracy and  will not allow any technology in the house.  My first thoughts when I began to read this, is it reminded me of the Mel Gibson movie 'Signs' as Mel's character was a bit 'out there' with wearing foil on his head and worried about being spied on ect.  Just like Daniel and Rose's Father's character is worried about being spied on and captured.  But his worries come to fruition when he is taken and the children find themselves in a mansion called Skerryvore. Where is their father?  There is a room that is called the forbidden room that Daniel cannot help himself but to go into it.  He finds a map marked with a x like a pirate treasure map, not that he knows what could be where the  x is.  When they are taken into the forbidden room, they are told about a library.  This is not your normal library where you get to choose the books.  In this library the books choose you.  I really enjoyed this part of the book.  The book is mythical and would be good for fans of Harry Potter.  There is mention of King Arthur and his sword other characters and artefacts from the medieval era. The history that the children uncover may have a big impact to their future.  The book is well written, and the characters are interesting and well developed.  There must be a sequel on the cards to get the answers to the questions you will be asking yourself.  My thanks to the author for a copy of his book in exchange for a review.

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Tyler Bradshaw is a young man with a horrible upbringing.  His father abused him and his younger brother during their childhood.  When Tyler was 14 his father threw him in the shallow end of the pool in which he hit his head.  Tyler spent days in hospital recovering, but from that point on he had rage issues.  Tyler has become obsessed with Zoe McCabe, a beautiful aspiring actress.  Tyler plots a plan to kidnap Zoe and for her to play the lead role in his own performance that he has prepared for her.  

Zoe's Uncle Mike McCabe is a detective in Portland and with his partner Maggie are enlisted to help the NYPD solve the disappearance of Zoe.  The NYPD believe her disappearance is linked to  'The Star Struck Strangler', who has being abducting, abusing and strangling beautiful actresses.  Can Mike and Maggie find Zoe before she too becomes another victim?

This book was a very good read and was the type of book that you find hard to put down.  I found myself thinking about the book during the day and looking forward to finding out what would happen.  The character development is good and the characters are likeable.  Even Tyler's character I found myself feeling sorry for when reading about his upbringing you can understand the way he is.  The only issue that I would flag is that some people might be offended by a few of the racial slurs.  The start of the book I found it a little hard to get into and was a bit worried I wasn't going to enjoy it, but that thought quickly disappeared and turned into thinking about putting the book down and getting some sleep.  I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes a good thriller.  

My thanks goes to the author and publisher for this ARC in return for my review.

My Rating: 📘📘📘📘

PaperbackPublisher:Witness Impulse (21/08/18)368 PagesISBN10: 0062876694 ISBN13:  9780062876690

Kindle368 PagesPublisher:Witness Impulse (21/08/18)ASIN: B07B7KWDT5


Maton Lee cannot leave his apartment after he was involved in a shooting he has severe anxiety if he steps a foot out the door.  Enter Ken...


Rea-View all about it! Book Reviews Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon