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Book Spotlight Tour - Rose's Ghost

Rose's Ghost
By Theresa Dale
Genre: Fiction/Thriller/Supernatural

Maggie’s worries about moving to her husband’s childhood home in rural Nova Scotia couldn’t have prepared her for the disturbing events that began right after they moved in.

Nevertheless, she and her family became quickly entangled in the torment of long-dead neighbors who remained tethered to the land on which their tragic lives - and deaths - played out...but death did not free Rose from the tragedies of her life. And between that time and the haunting of Maggie’s family, her enduring madness has twisted her reality into something darkly skewed. Increasingly desperate, she beseeches those who reside upon and around her land to aid her in her quest, but her efforts threaten to alter the lives of those whose help she enlists – or end them.
Rose's Ghost is the first in a chilling series of three about a family’s connection with a tormented ghost, still desperate to gain back the child she lost.

About the Author

Combining a lifelong love of words and a penchant for all things supernatural, Canadian author Theresa Dale specializes in scintillating thrillers. She delights in enticing readers with loveable characters, then spooking them with unexpected twists.
Theresa lives in Gatineau, Qu
ébec with her husband and children.


Brief Excerpt:

She was in her back yard. Birds were singing in the trees, and she was aware of the distant sound of a lawnmower. She knelt in the soil, planting seeds of zucchini, carrots and tomatoes. It was long, dirty work, but she loved it. There was something fulfilling about planting a vegetable garden. Something reassuring about the promise of growing your own food.
She heard the phone in the kitchen ring. Wiping her hands on her jeans (she never used gloves), she ran to get it, wondering absently, when did I plant a garden?
She spoke to Zoe briefly; she’d asked for Jack, who was at work, to plan a joint gift for Martin, and Maggie was little help.
As she hung up, a movement from the window caught her eye. Her hand froze on the wall-mounted handset as she looked at the woman standing on the other side of the bridge.
Some memory from a different time tried to surface, but she was unable to grasp it. What was it? This woman. Where had she seen her before? She finally let go of the phone and walked to the window. The woman was looking at her, too.
There was something dripping from her left arm. And she held something in her right hand. What was that?
Maggie stepped outside onto a thin blanket of snow. Hadn’t it just been warm? When did it snow?
The woman waved at her then. Waved with the hand that held something. Maggie moved closer, smiling and waving back.
“Hello! Did you come from the trail?” She stopped.
The woman was holding a severed hand.
Maggie’s hands flew to her face, and she covered her mouth before she could scream.
The woman smiled and lowered her waving hand – the hand that was holding what must be her other hand because, at this closer proximity, Maggie could see her left hand was indeed missing from its arm, and severed roughly, at that, hence the steady stream of blood flowing into the snow.
Oh my God!” she yelled and ran toward the woman, who quickly held out the severed hand, as if to say, stop.
Maggie skidded in her tracks, her eyes riveted on the woman. She watched as she brought the forefinger of the hand to her lips and said, “Shhhhh. He’ll hear you.” She looked in the direction of the farm.
Dark rivulets of blood flowed from the stump of the hand down her arm, and the blood on the finger smeared over her lips.
Maggie sank to her knees, screaming, and in some trick of perspective, the woman appeared on Maggie’s side of the bridge, again bringing the forefinger of the severed hand to her lips as she shushed her. Her eyes were wide in – what? – fear?
Maggie flew backward at the shock of the woman’s sudden closeness, and just as suddenly she was standing above her, smiling down at her, her mouth impossibly wide, stretching her face grotesquely. “There was so much blood,” the woman said, her mouth widening into a gaping, black hole in her face as her jaw stretched to her chest and the word “blood” seemed to go on forever. Maggie felt certain she’d be engulfed by it and live in this terror forever.

My Review

I enjoyed reading Rose's Ghost.  The story flowed along nicely and the characters are likeable.  It is quite spooky in parts, which is great and keeps the story interesting.  There are quite a number of characters to keep up with so it is helpful that the chapters tell you which character that part of the chapter is about.  I did sometimes have trouble following all the characters.  I found myself always looking forward to reading the next night, so that tells me it is a good story.  Thanks for letting me review.

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Brooke Sivendra's new Series - Love, Blood & Lies

Brooke has broken away from the JT series *Insert tears* much to the heartbreak of her devoted JT fans, but if you know Brooke as well as I do, her new series will be just as good, if not better! This is Brookes new series called The Royals!

Book 1 - Blood, Love & Lies

Brooke, you have written another fantastic story.  I thought that it would be hard to break away from my most favourite character, JT, but the way you develop your characters and the way you tell the story leaves the reader asking for more.  Asher is a warm and charming character and easy to like and Abi is a strong, determined and a powerful women.  The story flows nicely, there is a good amount of suspense and a little bit of romance too.  Sounds like the perfect mix for a book, and it is.
I received this book as an ARC and I volunteered this review

PREVIEW - The House on the Lake - Nuala Elwood

Grace lives in a secluded area, away from the town in a big old house near a lake.  She is 11 and lives with her dad, an ex army solider who she calls Sarge.  Grace doesn't leave the house much and does not have any friends, until she meets Isabel one day when she was selling the eggs that their hens freshly laid.  It is a way for them to make a little money for supplies.  Grace is besotted by Isabel and calls her 'her Isabel'.  The story also tells of a desperate mum (Lisa) hiding away from her emotionally abusive husband and how Lisa, the house, Grace and Isabel all entwine.

This was a good book, it kept my interest the whole time.  A spooky setting and so well written that you can almost feel the chill of the house, smell the musty mouldy smells and feel the fear.  Well worth the read.

Release Date:FEB 2020

Thursday, 23 May 2019


The conspirator will be released on 27 May.

James wants revenge.  He wants Michael Gunner dead.  James and Thomas Security cannot rest until Gunner is dealt with. Nowhere feels safe, not even in the surrounds of Thomas Security. Gunner is going to strike and get James right where it hurts him the most, his family at Thomas Security.  They are in grave danger and need James now more than ever before.  Can the Thomas brothers save their families before it is too late and they lose everything?

Brooke Sivendra take a bow. This is Brooke's best book yet!  You know when you are watching a movie and you get to a scary part and you have your hands over your eyes, and you peek through your fingers because although you are to scared to look, you still don't want to miss what happened? Yep, that was me reading this book.  I was on the edge of my seat (or bed actually) as it was go from the start.  Very well described and written so you could feel all the emotions.

I like how at the end of the book we get a glimpse into their future and it tied all the ends together in a neat little bow.  I also like how the end of the story connects into future books, well played Brooke, well played.  I wonder if this means that Thomas Security might get a mention in future books. 😉

Brooke has given me chapter one of her book as a little taste for you. Thank you Brooke.  I can't wait to read your future books. 

My thanks to Brooke for a copy of her book in return for my honest review.

My rating: 📘📘📘📘📘/5 




I’m coming for you, Gunner . . .
James opened his laptop, tapping his fingers on the kitchen bench top as they waited. Deacon stood beside him, tapping his foot on the floor. They both knew this could be over in a few hours—and then, for the first time in their adult lives, they could live without fear, without watching the shadows for their enemies.Michael Gunner was the final knife in their backs, and James was going to remove that knife and use it to slice him to pieces. For Mak, for Cami, for Cami’s daughter, and her father. There would be no mercy.
Deacon exhaled an anxious sigh. “While we’re waiting, should we talk about the reason you haven’t called Mak yet? And seemingly aren’t planning to?” James’s stomach churned, but he was saved by his phone. He’d never been so happy to see Cami’s number flash up.
“Hey,” James answered, ignoring his brother.
“Hey. Good work, Thomas. What’s the plan now?” she asked with a heightened voice. James heard no fear, only excitement; she was ready to end this too.
“I’m waiting to look over the file—Samuel’s loading it now. If everything looks good, I’m giving this team an hour to fuel up and then we’re hitting the hospital. I can’t risk them moving him, and I want to infiltrate while he’s in recovery. God only knows what he’ll do once he wakes up.”
James knew that wasn’t actually what she was asking about, though. “How’s Jarrod?” he asked.
“The doctor said he’s recovering surprisingly well—they think he has vampire blood, because that guy recovers better than any of us,” Cami said with a slight laugh. “Jarrod’s fever has gone. He’s a little down but he’s moving around the ward and eating.”
James smiled, welcoming the good news.
“Good,” he said. “Deacon is going to return to Thomas Security and I’ll take you with us, Cami. This is it—this is the break we’ve been praying for. We’ll end this once and for all.”
James heard the whisper of an exhale.
“My kit is packed,” she said.
“Give me an hour to review the hospital map and the file from Samuel. I’ll go through the plan with Deacon, and when he gets back to Thomas Security you’ll come and meet us.”
“I’ll be ready,” she said, her voice suddenly devoid of any emotion. Just like that, the switch had flipped, and she was in warrior mode. Gunner should be very scared; but thankfully, he was unconscious and had no idea of the imminent hell looming over him like a phantom. James couldn’t have asked for better odds.
He ended the call and loaded the hospital blueprints.
Before he could get any further, though, he was reminded he had his own devil to contend with. “You need to talk to her before you do this,” Deacon said, continuing the conversation James didn’t want to have.
“What am I supposed to say? I’m sorry I fucked up your life?” James asked, his words loaded with remorse. “I’m sorry everything you’ve worked so hard for has been destroyed because of my past?”
“Well, I wouldn’t use those words,” Deacon said slowly. “‘Sorry, and I’m going to fix this,’ would be adequate . . . She needs to hear from you, James. I know what you’re thinking—that you’ll call her when this is done and tell her everything is okay. But this”—he pointed at the computer—“still has risks. Things could go south, and the longer you avoid talking to her, the harder it will be for her. She knows this hurts you too; she understands the situation, and that Gunner is doing this to break you. But trust me, hearing that from you is much better than hearing it from me. She loves you—she will not walk away, not even over this. But if you don’t call her, she is going to kick your ass,” he joked, in what was perhaps a weak attempt to lighten the mood, but James’s unease persisted.
He was terrified of making that call. James had lost her once, and it had almost broken him. He wouldn’t blame her for hating him now, and the thought of losing her again was crippling.
“Let’s sort out this mission first. I want everything organized, and Cami’s here so I can brief the team,” James said, doing what he did best—focusing on the mission.
“Okay,” Deacon said, resigned, and James exhaled with relief.
James zoomed in on the blueprints, noting the areas Samuel had highlighted. Operating room, recovery rooms, entry and exit points.
“From the communication Samuel has been able to intercept, we believe there are teams stationed here, here, and here,” Deacon said, all business as he pointed to the three locations marked on the screen.
“My only worry about this is that no one has blocked Samuel out yet,” James said quickly. “Maybe they want us to get inside; maybe they’re feeding us this information. I didn’t see Gunner, Deacon. How he got shot is beyond me. Maybe he’s not injured at all.”
Actually, you shot him.” Samuel’s voice came through his earpiece.
James’s mouth fell open. “What? When?”
I’m still trying to piece things together,” Samuel said, “but his security team reported they found him hanging out of the air vent, unconscious. He must’ve used his last burst of energy to keep crawling, but only managed to get one leg out. James, the air vent was the one that feeds into the server room. Unless Chloe shot him, you did.”
James paused as memories reeled through his mind—and then it hit him like two cars colliding.
“Fuck me,” James swore, gritting his teeth. “I knew there was someone in there, but I also knew I was low on ammunition, so I only fired a few shots. I saw his shadow—if I’d known it was him I would’ve emptied my pistol. Damn!”
“That was the right call,” Deacon said soberly. “Revenge isn’t sweet if you don’t live to see it.”
That had always been their motto, and it had saved them on more occasions than James could count. In the heat of a battle, it was easy to make irrational decisions—decisions that were risky. That motto kept them in line, and James had thought as much as he’d fired at the vents.
On this occasion, though, he wished he had taken the risk. Hindsight was a marvelous thing.
“That aside,” Deacon said, “why haven’t they realized we are inside their system? Don’t you think that’s odd?”
Not necessarily,” Samuel said. “I’m not publicizing my presence there, and additionally, everyone inside the server room was killed or injured, Gunner excluded. And for his part, he’s unconscious and unable to give further instructions. Perhaps they don’t know James was able to insert the disk.”
The brothers looked to each other. It was possible . . .
But then James had another thought.
“Hang on,” he said, pulling a paper from his back pocket. He left without another word and went in search of Sebastián.
James found him fast asleep in the master bedroom. He was not surprised Sebastián had taken the most comfortable sleeping quarters.
“Wake up!” James yelled. He didn’t touch the man, unsure how he would react to being woken up by someone he didn’t know well in a strange place. The last thing James needed was Sebastián’s hands around his neck.
Sebastián lifted one eyelid and then the other. He took one look at James, groaned, and rolled away.
“I’ve found Gunner, and we can get to him,” James said flatly.
Sebastián rolled to face him, his face suddenly as fresh as that of a man who had slept ten hours. “Say again,” Sebastián said, sitting upright.
“It appears Gunner was at the compound and was the one in the air vent firing tranquilizer darts at me. I shot him, and he’s in surgery now. We’re moving in an hour.”
Sebastián’s eyes danced. “You shot him?”
“I didn’t realize it was him,” James clarified lightly. “Anyway, now that I have your attention, where have you seen this woman before?” He continued the conversation he hadn’t had a chance to finish by the river bed.
“She’s the daughter of one of my employees.” Sebastián raised his eyebrows before pausing, his eyes narrowing. “I need to sweep my entire fucking staff,” he muttered to himself, grinding his teeth against one another.
James pursed his lips. She couldn’t be the daughter, because her parents had been killed as part of the program.
“How many times have you met her?” James asked.
“Only once, but I never forget a pretty face. I ran into her as she was having lunch at a restaurant one day with my employee. Come to think of it, my employee looked very surprised that I was there. Unusually surprised,” Sebastián said darkly. He pulled out his phone and loaded his calendar before scrolling through the past few months.
“Yes, she probably thought I was going to be at The Peninsula for lunch, but I changed my mind and rescheduled the restaurant,” he said, vaguely.
James tried to piece it all together. Chloe’s source—Kimberley Cruze—belonged to the Obsidian program, but she hadn’t attempted to harm Chloe. Kimberley was also posing as the daughter of one of Sebastián’s employees. Why?
“What is your employee’s name?” James asked.
“Mala White,” Sebastián said.
James had a hunch Mala played a key role in this; if not, why would she cover for Kimberley? And who were they feeding information back to? James didn’t think it was Gunner, because Sebastián admitted he’d always told Gunner everything. Gunner didn’t need spies in Sebastián’s household. So who did?
“Leave it with me,” James said. “I’ll run full security reports on all of your employees. And I’ll find out what this one is up to.” James nodded to the piece of paper before sliding it into his back pocket once again.
More than ever, James’s hunch seemed more plausible, and he prayed Samuel could give him the answers he needed.
“Kimberley—that’s her name,” James clarified for Sebastián. “She was part of the Obsidian program. The CIA killed off every family member, hoping to create lone agents who had nothing else to lose, who were fueled by an unhealthy dose of anger—to form a unique army, if you will. This program was run by Chloe’s father, so if her parentage is ever leaked, and I suspect it already has been, they will use Chloe for retaliation.” James watched Sebastián closely.
He saw exactly what he’d expected.
“No one kills Chloe but me,” Sebastián said, in what James considered a twisted display of romance.
“The fact that Chloe’s source was part of the Obsidian program initially led me to believe she was the target,” James said, ignoring Sebastián’s remark. “But now I’m not so sure, especially since Chloe met with this source many times and walked away without so much as a scratch.”
Sebastián’s eyes narrowed. “What are you saying?”
“I think someone offered Kimberley something better,” James said.

THE CONSPIRATOR is available for pre-order at a discounted priced of $3.99. On release day (27 May 2019) the price will be $6.99 so make sure you get your copy early! 

Pre-order today:
B&N Nook:

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Hauling Checks is about a group of pilots that work for a cheapskate (The Chief) who cuts every corner possible to save a dime. The pilots are called freight dogs and work in all weather conditions and at all times.  Check-flight is the company and they haul bank checks from city to city.   Their maintenance man is an ex-con, and most things are left until they are completely broken, such as the oil leak in the engine, or the window that leaks, or part of the interior roof that is falling off.  As long as the plane still runs, it is safe enough to fly apparently.

Co-pilot (known as the Co) turns up to work late, drunk and drugged out of his mind most shifts.  He is pretty much useless as most of the time, the captain has to do all the checks and flight procedures himself as the Co is usually asleep, or in the middle of playing a game on his handheld device.  This makes for some pretty funny interactions.

Find out what happens when the Chief is finally investigated and his organisation is seen for the shambles it really is.

This is a pretty funny book and a really good read.  I quite enjoyed it.  I recommend it as long as you don't take things to seriously you should enjoy reading this.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Find on Amazon HERE

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A big thanks to the Kotobee Blog for sending me a link to a Book Fair calendar.  Here is the link to the Calendar

Blog link HERE

I love a good Book Fair :-)

Bec x

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A light in the desert has many characters and stories within it.  There is a Vietnam veteran Jason, who suffers from mental illness since returning and who finds himself protecting a pregnant sixteen year old girl named Kelly.  Kelly has lead a very sheltered life, with her mother and living with a religious group called the children of the light.  Kelly has a deformity of her face that prevents her from showing any emotions.  She was made pregnant by her step father and as her mother was disgusted by this, she wanted to send Kelly away to live with her sister (Who no one knows ever existed or actually does exist). Kelly and her Mother board a train heading to Los Angeles which is derailed by a sick and twisted boy who sabotages the rail lines to cause a disaster.  

Jason rescues Kelly from the wreck and takes her to his cabin.  He needs to alert The children of the light to let them know that he is safe with her.  Jason is bitten by something and when he passes out on the couch and is very ill, Kelly goes in search for help and gets herself into some trouble, stranded in the desert in the throes of childbirth.  

Part factual and part fictional makes for an interesting story-line.  This book was a slow burn, it took a long time to really get going before I found myself wanting to keep reading it.  By half way I was starting to find myself wanting to read the next chapter as the book picked up pace.  There is a lot of religious concepts and words which may or may not be off putting to some people.  Overall it was an Okay read once the book gathered pace and mostly well written.  

My thanks to the author for a copy of the book in return for my honest review.

My Rating 📘📘📘/5 

Buy kindle copy HERE

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A Light in the Desert
By Anne Montgomery
Paperback ISBN: 9781732139114

Ebook ISBN: 9781732139121 

Blank Slate Press/Amphorae Publishing Group
288 Pages

Price: $16.95 Paperback, $9.99 eBook

For ordering inquiries: | 212-616-2022 

For media inquiries: | 314-606-7981

Book Spotlight Tour - Rose's Ghost

Rose's Ghost By Theresa Dale Genre: Fiction/Thriller/Supernatural Maggie’s worries about moving to her husband’s childhoo...


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