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This is a best selling novel in France.  I read the english translated version.  This is a novel based around true facts on the assignation of John F Kennedy.  It is a fictional suspense novel that will keep you intrigued from the beginning to the end. Joshua Mandley is assigned to investigate the JFK assignation using new advanced technologies.  His partner is Mei Wang who is an expert in everything JFK.  Together the two of them are thrown into an intense investigation that becomes a struggle to survive, when someone else is as equally interested in this new investigation.  Can they follow the trail of clues that has been left for them and solve the mystery behind the assignation of JFK before their enemies do? 

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It kept me interested from the beginning through to the end.  I always found myself wanting to read just one more chapter as it was a quite intense read and very interesting.  I loved that it was based around true facts and I really liked the angle of the new techniques that was used in the investigation.  I enjoyed the Chinese proverbs that was used throughout the book too.  I highly recommend you reading this book. I don't think you will be disappointed.

I rate this 📘📘📘📘books out of 5.

My thanks to Lionel for asking me to do a review on his book.  These are my own thoughts and opinions.

About the author:

Lionel Touzellier is a French author who specializes in mystery novels and thrillers. 
Fascinated by the Kennedy assassination, he studied it for several years before writing the Invisible Investigation

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Print Length: 695 pages
Publication Date: November 21, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

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Gemma Green is a fifteen year old girl and does many things that fifteen year old girls do.  However, she is an Averter. She can alter the minds of people and change the outcome of a future event. Only another Averter will be able to sense or know who Gemma is. Her first Aversion was with Russ Tanner.  Russ is at Gemma's school but Gemma mainly keeps to herself.  She wanted to keep a low profile.  The aversion should of been simple. Changing the event that would of led Russ to his demise, and should not remember anything. Well, that is what is meant to happen after an aversion. However, Russ now wants to get to know Gemma, and he won't leave her alone.  Is he really interested in her, or did Gemma do the aversion wrong?

When a person from Gemma's dad's (Paul) past, named Henry finds them, Paul decides that it is time to hide.  They pack up and leave their house in Sandes.  Gemma does not tell Russ where they are going.  Soon enough Gemma sees Russ playing Tennis in their new neighbourhood they moved too, and she can hardly believe it.  As things happen they find out that they are in fact Sentient twins.  They have this incredible link that means that Russ will find Gemma at some point no matter where she is.  They have a strong bond and as events occur they find out that Russ can actually enhance Gemma's abilities.  This later on becomes essential when Gemma has to use her abilities without her orb.  The orb is what they use for power to carry out an aversion.

Gemma returns to Sandes to help protect Russ.  There is no point running. Two groups of strangers come to town that are offering Gemma assistance with her new abilities. She does not know whom she can trust.  Who is telling her the truth?  The progressive empaths, or the keepers?  Gemma needs to do all she can to uncover the truth before it is too late.

The prequel I read after the books and I really enjoyed it.  It tells the story of Paul as a teenager when he first met Gemma's mum.  A forbidden love affair.   

Gemma is a very likeable character and the books grabbed my attention right away.  The concept of people having the abilities to change a person mindset or place different thoughts in their minds, is very interesting.  I liked the building relationship of Gemma and Russ.  The books build the characters well and by the end of the first book you will be eager to read book 2 and so on to see what happens.  The books are listed as a YA paranormal book, but easily enjoyable by an adult.  I highly recommend this series.

I was given a copy of this in an exchange for my honest review, my thanks to the Author.

📘📘📘📘My Rating
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I am nearly finished this series from Kenechi Udogo - The Mentalist Series. A young adult fantasy series that adults will enjoy just as much. Stay tuned for my upcoming review. You can buy the books on
And from for an Aussie readers :-)

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Been on holidays but I am still here :-)

Hi Everyone out there in Blog land.  I have still been reading, I was away for a couple of weeks on holidays so alas the reason I haven't done any reviews of late.  It has taken me longer to read than usual due to not having a lot of reading time.  I have been so tired at the end of the day that I was lucky to get a chapter in. I will show you some photo's of the beautiful places I visited on a Cruise to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. :-) Cheers, and thanks to the Authors that have been reaching out to me for book reviews.  This means a lot to me, and I really enjoy reading your books and sharing them with others out there.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House
Crystal clear water and ever changing colours in Port Villa
One of many beautiful sunsets

The colour of the water over in Vanuatu/New Caledonia is amazing.  Crystal clear
water you could see for up to a depth of 15 meters.  

Getting up close with some of the locals

The P & O Cruise ship I was on for 10 Days

Monday, 27 August 2018


Maton Lee cannot leave his apartment after he was involved in a shooting he has severe anxiety if he steps a foot out the door.  Enter Kendall,  a trainee psychologist who Maton's mother has offered to pay Kendall's whole semester's tution if she can treat Maton in his home and help him get better.  Maton is attractive but rude and obnoxious to Kendall at their first meeting.  Kendall is just another psychologist that his mother has paid for.  She leaves, never wanting to return.  Trouble is she has accepted his mother's money and something about him lures her back to try again.  They have an attraction to each other and if the psychology department were to find out she was sleeping with a client she would be kicked out of her course.  The man that shot Maton then prays upon Kendall, can he protect the woman that he loves, or will he lose her?

I really enjoyed this story.  It was interesting from the beginning and only took me a few nights to read.  I was always wanting to read 'just one more chapter' to see how the story would unfold.  The characters are likeable and are build upon well.  The chemistry between the main characters is enjoyable. The story when it starts, with Maton in his apartment unable to leave and his arrogance that he shows Kendall, reminded me of the movie 'Me before you.' As that too started off with a young girl being employed to help a man that couldn't help himself and he too was arrogant and conceded at the beginning.  Maton has gone through many therapists and his mother is at her wits end trying to find someone that he will respond too.  Maton is a very rich man due to his IT buisness, but he is very vulnerable and he shows a different side to the one he portrays once his lets his guard down, I liked how the story flowed and the attraction that built between the two main characters.  There is some mystery behind the who the shooter is, that will leave you guessing for sometime before it is revealed.  I highly recommend reading this book.

My Rating: 📘📘📘📘
254 Pages
Ebook editon: 9781386112181
Published: 22/06/20018

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Maggie wakes from a coma and is told that there was a terrible accident and the car that she had been driving rolled into a lake and her daughter Elspeth had drowned.  Maggie remembers nothing.  Her husband has disappeared, and she is all alone.  She desperately wants to remember the day of the accident and to find out what really happened to her daughter and where her husband is.  

This is a very good fast paced book.  Certainly plenty to keep you on the edge and wanting to read.  If you are a fan of psychological thrillers and mysteries you should enjoy reading this one.  

Rating: 📘📘📘📘

ISBN 9780241977347

400 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books UK
Expected published date:21/02/2019


The Palo Alto Diaries is a story about Irene a young high school girls love life and based on true events. Irene falls in love with a successful lawyer and suddenly finds herself in an extravagant lifestyle.  When things end, she catapults herself into another relationship.  There are many highs and lows and she lives a big life in such a short time span.  

I was a bit mind-blown by how many times Irene was engaged and what a whirlwind of romances she had had.  Some of it seemed a bit far fetched even though it is based on true events.  The story itself was readable and I did find myself wanting to continue reading to find out what had happened.  Worth a read.

My Rating: 📘📘📘

Available in soft cover (ISBN: 978-1-7324078-1-7).

Ebook: 9781732407800

Release Date: 09/10/2018


This is a best selling novel in France.  I read the english translated version.  This is a novel based around true facts on the assignatio...


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